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Mesi ABPI Testing System

For the Ankle-Brachial Pressure Index Test we include FREE software with saved results, long lasting battery, and a mobile cart option just for starters!


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MESI ABI Features and What's in the Box


Save ABPI Results | Customized Reports

MESIresults software comes free with the  device.

MESI ABPI MD can be connected to a computer to provide an electronic copy or a printout of the ABI result.

MESIresults also enables information such as name, address and logo of the healthcare institution to be imported into every measurement report.


Long Lasting Battery

Maximum Portability

During the MESI ABPI measurement, the patient needs to be lying down, but examination beds are not always next to the electrical sockets, which is why MESI ABPI MD is equipped with a long-lasting rechargeable battery.

A portable, wheeled stand with a magnetic base has been designed to enhance the functionality of MESI ABPI MD.

The stand provides a flat and stable surface for the device and safe storage for the cuffs. The stand makes it possible to use it wherever it is required.

It is everything that you are looking for in a medical device

a fast, simple, accurate and objective screening tool for the diagnosis of peripheral arterial disease.

In The Box